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As Bangalore was on the cusp of achieving independence in 1945-46, it was still part of the state of Mysore. The city was one of the first in Asia to use hydroelectricity, and it was known as the Garden City of India. Today, the name of the city may have changed to Bengaluru, but the essence of the city remains the same. Brigade road, one of the most crowded roads today, was a wide road back in the day that saw limited vehicular movement. Like the road, many of the buildings flanking the road are also still standing today. Some of these buildings house the current Post Office and stores like Ashok Electricals and the Louis Philip and LEE showroom. South Parade Road was another important artery in the city. Today, it has been renamed as M.G. Road. Over the years, Bangalore has expanded and grown in all directions. The present-day IT hub and the electronic city did not always look like this. Back in the day, Hosur Road saw more bullock cart traffic than people and vehicles. Before independence, it is believed that Bangalore had a limited number of cars on the streets. This is hard to imagine given the Mile-long traffic jams that are an everyday occurrence now. The number plates for the cars at that time had only three digits, which means that not only could the number of cars in Bangalore have been limited, but there may have been fewer than 1000 cars in the entire state of Mysore. 


After independence, the state of Mysore was renamed Karnataka and Bangalore became its capital. The city experienced tremendous real estate growth during the IT boom and is now one of the most populous cities in India. Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is known as the Silicon Valley of the south and is a perfect example of peaceful coexistence. In recent years, the city has developed and grown exponentially while staying true to its roots. Despite its gradual metamorphosis into a concrete jungle filled with corporates and 

high-end pubs, Bengaluru remains a tourist hub with several million tourists flocking to see the various sights in and around the city every year. 


The city is inexpensive, and so is the food. Like everywhere else, people adore going 

out to eat. As a result, the popular eateries in this region are frequently crowded. The 

numerous Udupi eateries in Bangalore are undoubtedly worth trying. You can have some delicious food in this city. Let’s talk about some popular street food before discussing some of the city’s best restaurants. There are many options for street food, including Mangalore Bun, Dal Obbattu, Bhaji Kaapi, and others. Idli-Sambar, Dosa, and Uttapam are three real South Indian specialties you should try if you’re in Bangalore. These dishes are loved by visitors from near and far regions of India. 


Best restaurants in Yelahanka Bengaluru 


One of the best restaurants in Yelahanka Bengaluru is Ramada Yelahanka Bengaluru. The hotel’s ideal location in Bangalore’s Devanahalli district puts you close to interesting dining options and sights. It is not only one of the greatest hotels in Bengaluru, offering you 5-star luxury services and amenities together with stunning and tranquil surroundings that will melt away all your worries, but it also gives you access to some of the best restaurants near Bengaluru airport. 


best restaurants near Bengaluru airport .


One of the best resorts near International Tech Park Bangalore, Ramada Yelahanka Bangalore offers 65 exquisitely designed guest rooms for you to experience luxury. You may choose from four different accommodation categories: Premium, Club Premium, Signature, and Suites. The rooms outside offer private balconies or sit-outs, a breathtaking view, and the best amenities available inside. Ramada Bengaluru is regarded as one of the best lodging options in the city and is only a short distance from Bangalore International Airport thanks to its accessibility and convenience for visitors. These amenities make it the best resort near International Tech Park Bangalore. 


While Bengaluru does have several other nice hotels, you would have to forget the opulent setting and first-rate amenities that Ramada Bengaluru provides. The hotel houses some of Bengaluru’s top eateries, including B 64 and RYB Lounge, where you can savor some of the most delicious foods at their multi-cuisine all-day eating restaurant or unwind in their lounge. Additionally, you have access to a room service facility that is available around the clock. If you need anything, it will be there for you in a matter of minutes. The local staff members are kind, skilled professionals who know exactly how to look after their customers. All these amenities make it the best restaurant in Bengaluru Yelahanka. At the Ramada Bengaluru, discover your ideal stay. We are waiting for your arrival.